*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

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Like many of you, life threw some mean curve balls pretty early on in life, and as an adolescent I felt comforted with food. It wasn't till my twenties that I gained enough strength to fight that this lifelong battle. Through learning the Habits of Health, I grew in knowledge in nutrition and became an exercise enthusiast. I was amazed at how fueling my body properly and exercising made me feel, both inside and out. My energy levels increased, my rest was sweeter and I had a new lease on life. With my new eyes opened, I begin to notice the lives of others around me. I began to see the pain behind the smile of those fighting the same overweight or obese battle. My heart was burdened by those suffering from food addiction and insecurity, and I was propelled to share my story. I knew that if I could change, then change was available to everyone. I wanted so desperately to pay forward the gift that I had received. So, when the amazing opportunity to Health Coach for Take Shape for Life came along, I jumped in with two feet. Take Shape for Life provided the catalyst to reach those who were struggling, and not only does Take Shape for Life provide a very successful method for weight loss, but it also empowers our clients to keep the weight off through learning the Habits of Health. This is about a journey and not a quick fix, but I am extremely confident that if you take that leap of faith, coupled with some true grit and perseverance, you will not only reach your goal weight but change your life! As personal trainers and Fitness Gym Owners, my husband Dean and I are not only committed to your health goals, but also to your Optimal Health in Mind, Body and Finances. Our goal is to guide you through the Habits of Health and help you to adopt Healthy Habits to last a lifetime and with some sweat equity in exercise, you can thrive in this life that you were created to live!

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